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November 23, 2015
November 22, 2015
November 20, 2015

What a treat to be able to document this wonderful day for such a wonderful family!!

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this!

November 19, 2015

Paul and David have been together for 38 years!!

I had such a fun afternoon with these two…we met up on a toasty 115 degree day in June!

They recently celebrated their 2 year wedding anniversary and wanted some portraits to commemorate the occasion.

November 17, 2015

I loved photographing Malia and Danae on the beach in Maui a while back.   They were kind enough to share their story in an interview for WE LOVE WHO WE LOVE

Please check back to see their video story…COMING SOON!

December 2, 2014

Check out the cool video below by cory davis at yellow box films

The Voight Wedding from YELLOWBOXFILMS.TV on Vimeo.

venue: the windmill winery
dj: ellagant entertainment
floral designer: sarah’s garden
hair: molly hoffman
make-up: the beauty mark girls
catering: kiss the chef
cake designer: lesley’s creative cakes
videography: yellow box films

click HERE to see this wedding featured on rustic wedding chic!

November 25, 2014

SO happy to have Maddie & Eric’s beautiful Windmill Winery wedding featured on Rustic Wedding Chic today! Check it out *HERE*

winmill winery wedding_az_annie gerber.png

I’ll be posting more of this beautiful wedding in the next few days.

A great big thank you to Rustic Wedding Chic for the feature!

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November 18, 2014

annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0045.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0017.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0001.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0019.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0020.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0021.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0043.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0022.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0038.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0037.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0026.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0035.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0029.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0040.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0036.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0027.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0011.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0028.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0041.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0031.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0013.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0015.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0033.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0034.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0007.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0016.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0006.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0044.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0042.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0005.jpg
annie_gerber_washington DC temple_wedding_photographer_0002.jpg

Congratulations you two…SO happy to have been a part of your amazing day!

Check out the cool video below by SRNDPTS

videography: Dane Christensen SRNDPTS
reception venue & catering: fountainhead country club
dj: phantom shadow

October 13, 2014

I loved photographing this Berkeley family the day after they adopted this beautiful little girl, and I am honored to call them my friends.

They were kind enough to share their story in an interview for my WE LOVE WHO WE LOVE project  …no labels, no judgment, just LOVE

we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-1.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-28.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-12.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-23.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-24.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-7.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-22.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-16.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-18.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-8.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-9.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-10.jpg
we love who we love_same sex family_phoenix_az-27.jpg

Please take a moment to watch their video story

to see more family stories, please visit welovewhowelove.com

August 29, 2014

SO excited to have Chris & Danny’s beautiful Maui wedding featured on Love, Inc!  Check it out *HERE*

same sex wedding_maui_lgbt wedding_we love who we love_0001.jpg

Thanks so much Love, Inc. for the feature!

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